by Cyberbully Mom Club

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plant 1 flower


released 12 March 2015



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Cyberbully Mom Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

nothin serious

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Track Name: Make Time
something isn't right if we're still fighting this fight, no
and the floors are cold at night and the nights, they go by so slow
don't tell me if it's wrong or right, i don't wanna know
but i know, i know, i know
i know, i know, i know

touch me, tease, in bed, take it easy on me
tell me, teach me, in my head, make it easy on me
Track Name: March 1st
if i wasn’t a sucker i’d feel the night come in strong
but i’m only a fragment, a pile of dust, collecting sun
i don’t wanna do nothing, but just to do something
takes long
i need to recollect my time, not prioritize my vices

and i could swallow my pride but i would rather be stubborn
that’s my fault
never feel like this body is mine
my eyes put up cold walls

and i’ve read books that teach me how to live my life
but we don’t learn how to live, just the proper way to die
Track Name: Anabelle / Love Soft
anabelle, baby’s room
find the light, turn it off
i am old
settle me down
in a tiny house

you'll find me in cracks of sidewalks we built
i find solace in the states we’ve both lightly brushed

anabelle, chiming words to
the songs we once sang
i am old
teach me how to love soft
your thumbs inspire me
Track Name: Philadelphia II
i saw the sun stay up til 7
felt like spring has finally heard my call
i will wake up early
let the air and fairness in this achy atmosphere erase the fear
of coming off too strong
i’m rushing to the phone
but i rather you be here

you’ll find me slipping
letters in the doors of all the
strangers of whom i’ve fell quite dear
and near and ditch the fear
of coming off too strong
or maybe not
but i have things to share
and maybe i could hold your hand or something
weird i guess it’s nothing i’m just happy to be here
i’ll tell you stories of the moments when i’ve felt most alive
they’re all alone, but guess the moments always seem to catch my eye
in philadelpiha
they stay with me
and they will stay here long
i’ll walk for hours with a racing brain
and i’ll always end up home
in philadelphia
i never feel alone
Track Name: Bobby Pins
i guess what’s fucked is that
i’m learning to love me
but i feel like i need someone to do that for me
it’s always late when i hear my mother crying
she tells me about her nightmares where i’m dying

and my mother sings from her lungs like a bird that can’t fly
like a moth to the light, sticking closer with time
i’ll be fine on my own, oh i think i want love
i want to be alone, want to be left to roam
want to call you my own

i guess it’s fucked that
this is all temporary
except the space between my teeth
that consumes me
how can i love you
if you can’t see me smile
if i looked how i feel
would this even matter

and i sing from my lungs like a bird that can’t fly
like a moth to the light, i get closed up with time
i’ll be fine on my own, oh i think i want love
i want to be alone, want to make a new home
Track Name: Kind
to say i’ve found my kind
to nothing less, amounting
through mountains grown so high
i climb your troubled acres

to see you one last time
we'll do the math, count signals
have i ever felt so kind?
bring out the best in me
before you leave my heart sinks one last time

and when i feel alone, i roam
a house is to a home
home is to a face
that i knew